The best measure for patient reported pain.

Don't settle for a scale of 1-10

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It's no secret that the current measures for pain are ineffective. (ex. 1-10 scales) Yet it remains the primary endpoint for pain research leading to increased trial cost and complexity.

GeoPain is a clinically proven pain measure that can help you avoid making the wrong mistake with your next trial through better data, quicker insights, and fewer subjects.

Avoid making the wrong mistake

Don't risk of throwing out a good treatment from bad data. GeoPain’s precision tools provide the most accurate view of patient reported pain.

Clinically proven and patient approved

Designed and actively used by thousands of patients, researchers, and doctors. GeoPain is crafted to your needs.

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The patient experience

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Doing research? Get a license or ask about our partner program.
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Pain doesn't need to be complex

Patient's can quickly and easily track every aspect of pain over time using our intuitive 3D body interface.

More efficient trials

Capture the nuances of pain and obtain the clearest view of patient reported pain currently available.

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Rich data and detailed reports

Generate detailed visual reports and spreadsheets for a single patient or entire populations. Analyze data for the entire body, or dive into specific macro or micro regions.

Available Metrics (pdf)

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Care about security?

We do too, which is why we use the highest health security standards (HIPAA, HITRUST) to protect your data and privacy.

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