Reminder:(Free) Public App is Offline

The free version of the app was taken offline on June 27th, 2020 as we bring you better performance, security, and features. To continue using the app users will need to have an existing account and upgrade to v1.7 which is now available.

Change is all around us and those living with chronic pain have an additional burden during these times of uncertainty that is often overlooked. We are intensely working on our services to make them easier to use and more relevant for patients, clinicians, and researchers, but to get there we need to make some changes.

On June 27th, 2020, we closed new registrations to our community and took the public (free) release of GeoPain offline while we move into a new era of virtual pain care. While the free app is temporarily unavailable, we'll continue to support providers, researchers, and our existing users with the same quality of service we are known for.

This will only affect users of the free version of the app. Our clinical and research partners will NOT be affected by these changes provided they have an active license of GeoPain. If you are interested in a license or wondering if you are affected: Contact Us

The GeoPain application has been used to help thousands of patients, in 6 countries, across 40+ conditions track their chronic pain over the past five years. We have no intention to lessen the services that we provide through the app. In fact, many improvements will appear in the app after the transition is completed...

What's Coming...

A lot needs to be done, but all of it has you, our users, in mind.

What to Expect

On July 4th, 2020 the GeoPain app will be removed from the App Store and will no longer be available to be downloaded. The existing server will also be decommissioned as we move over to a new solution.

These changes will prevent new signups through the app so those who want to continue using the free app are encouraged to create their accounts before June 27th. Services to clinics and research teams will still be available provided they have an active license of GeoPain. (Contact Us)

We don't expect things to be down for long and we deeply care about the health and necessities of our users. This why that when we open registrations again it will be well tested, medically relevant, and fetaure rich. If you want to participate through our early-access program as a patient, clinician, or researcher let us know. (Contact Us)

We're excited by the benefits this will bring to all of our users, individuals, research teams and clinics. However, just like the world around us, we will need time to reassess, adapt, and ultimately return better than we have ever been.

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Thank you for your